Christmas questions// 12 days of blogmas


I thought I’d do a kind of Christmas Q&A thing. I hope you enjoy!

What’s your favourite Christmas food?

This is so hard- I love so much about Christmas food. It’s got to be a tie between mince pies, and pigs in blankets. They’re just sssooo good!

White or coloured lights on your tree?

In my family we’ve always had multi coloured Christmas lights on the tree. But I think when I have my own tree I’ll have white lights on it, they’re really sweet.

Stockings at the fireplace or on the bedroom door?

We always put our stockings on the fireplace. We also use my Dad’s socks as opposed to a ‘normal stocking’.

Real or fake tree?

At the moment we have a fake tree, but I love the smell and look of a real one- so I’m gonna go for real.

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Maybe Elf or Home alone. Both Christmas classics.

Is your Christmas tree colour- coordinated and ‘themed!?

Nope. Our Christmas tree is a rather random mish mash of decorations we’ve made/ bought over the years, including a broken Santa- on a deckchair decoration that we’ve had for years.

How are your present wrapping skills?

Poor. I’d love to be able to wrap beautifully, and I do try- but it never looks that’s good.

Can you name all of the Reindeer?

Dasher, Prancer, Biltzen, Comet, Donner, Vixen… no- I think one of my friends can though.

Tv program you’re most looking forward to?

This question is a bit odd- basically, in the UK there is always ‘Christmas specials’ on TV that are great to watch. For me, I’m excited for ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Call the midwife’.

Favourite thing about Christmas?

I love how it’s all about love for one another, for your family and friends. And getting to see everyone I care about. Also the amazing food aha.

Merry Christmas!



Christmas gift ideas// 12 days of blogmas


I thought I’d share a few ideas for Christmas gifts that I think are sweet.

  • Hat and gloves set. My friend gave me a matching woolly hat and mittens for Christmas one year that her Grandma had knitted. I still wear them, it was especially lovely as we had matching hat/ gloves with 3 other friends.
  • Cookies. A bag of recently made Christmas cookies, or mince pies could be a really sweet gift for someone.
  • A ‘hot chocolate jar’. I’ve done this for most of my friends this year, put hot chocolate and marshmallows in a glass jar, and decorate it with string- it looks lovely.
  • Photos. The gift of a photo in a frame is always so thoughtful and lovely to receive.
  • Books. This shows that you e put thought into the gift- and bookworms will of course love it.
  • A ‘theme box’. Fill a box/ hamper with themed items, like a ‘cosy night in’ with fluffy sock, a film and sweets. These can be great gifts.
  • Music. If you’re like me you might have a friend who’s really into music. You could get them a cd, or an iTunes voucher.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for Christmas gifts.

Merry Chrimbo!

– Jenn

Christmas lights//12 days of blogmas

Hello, I hope all is well, and your having fun in this festive season.

This evening my mum and I went to see a charity Christmas lights display. It’s a really sweet idea. They’ve been doing it for 4 years now I think, and they’ve raised over £20,000 for a charity that helps people with disabilities.

At the end of the day, they’re just loads of lights on a house- but they’re also so much more. It’s people coming together to raise money for a good cause. It’s a beautiful display. It’s an amazing, and festive experience to enjoy.

At the end of the of the day, I love Christmas lights, and think they’re magical.

I tried to get a few pictures, but it’s quite hard, I’m not a great photographer, and lights are hard to take photos of. Here’s a few pictures anyway.

Merry Christmas!

– Jenn

Christmas songs!// 12 Days of Blogmas

Hello! I hope all is well.

So, I’ve decided to do ’12 days of blogmas’ in which I’m going to try and upload a post for the next 12 days…

Some of my favourite Christmas songs:

Merry Christmas everybody-Slade

This is such a classic Christmas song, and is probably my favourite. It holds memories of having so much fun putting up the Christmas tree. It gets stuck in your head so easily, but is just a brilliant Christmas tune.

The Power of love-Frankie goes to Hollywood

This song just makes you feel things. It’s just so touching and beautiful, sending out a message about the importance of love and peace. Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of this is also stunning

I wish it could be Christmas everyday- wizard

Again, another great classic. This was on a Christmas album that we played on repeat every year, but it’s too scratched now to use. It makes me want to dance aha.

Santa clause is coming to town 

This song has been covered by many people. My favourite versions are by Bruce Springsteen and the Jackson 5. My Dad loves the Springsteen version and is constantly playing it-which is why i like it so much.

Christmas time- The Darkness

I love the mix of rock and Christmas. The opening and the guitar solo make ‘Christmas time’ stand out as a more unusual Christmas song.

Fairy tale of New York- The Pogues

How couldn’t i include this one? It holds a very real take on Christmas, the arguments as well as the love.

December will be magic again- Kate Bush                                     Despite never having seen the ‘nightmare before Christmas’, I genuinely love this song. It’s a bit strange, but i keep getting it stuck in my head, so i thought i’d include it.

Sleigh Ride-The Ronettes                     This is such a catchy, and cheery song. A lovely and festive way to spread Christmas joy.

Anyway, these are a few of my favourite Christmas songs. I know some people hate Christmas music, but i can’t help but to love it.

Merry Christmas!


Let it snow// 12 Days of Blogmas


So, I’ve decided to do ’12 days of blogmas’ in which I’m going to try and upload a post for the next 12 days…

To start with, I thought that I’d talk about the snow! In the UK, snow is considered very Christmassy, and luckily for us it’s been snowing over the past weekend! It’s very much gotten me into the Christmas spirit.

On Saturday, the snow properly began to fall, leaving a cold blanket throughout the UK. My brother and I built a snowman. I rolled a main body, and my brother sculpted a head- going against the traditional snowman shape-making it look more human-like, which made our snowman turn out quite funny. We topped it off with a broken mop for hair. I was quite proud of it, but the snowman sadly died yesterday.

Anyway, I should stop talking about snowmen.

I think that snow in general is endlessly fun, you can do so much.

  • Snow ball fights
  • Snow angels
  • Snow men
  • Build an igloo
  • Take pretty photos
  • Go on a walk

Overall, this has turned out to be somewhat of a ‘snow appreciation post’. I just wanted to document the snow as we haven’t had good snow for so long, and I love snow (if you can’t tell).

Merry Christmas.




It’s been almost 3 months

I haven’t posted


Not that many people read my posts- but I’ve kind of neglected this blog (I’ve been busy with college etc.). I feel like I should use it more as it’s a good outlet for thoughts etc. Even just for myself, as well as for other.

I’ll try and post more soon, sorry. Maybe I’ll do a blogmas but not quite? That’s a bit of a commitment, I’ll decide soon, hopefully.

See ya


Still clueless…

Hello everyone! Here I am again to rant about my problems 😅.

So in January I wrote a post called Decisions about careers and choosing A-levels, as well as how unsure I am about what I want to do. Now I’ve started A-levels, I thought I’d give another update/ rant about this (first world problems).

I ended up going for maths, physics, chemistry and history for my A-levels. So far I’m really enjoying them all- though the work can be a bit challenging at times, but that isn’t really surprising. The choice between biology and physics was always hard- biology was something I loved and would open my doors, similarly physics would lead to my dreams of space- science, which I’m not quite ready to give up yet.

Although I’ve gotten past choosing A-levels, college has been talking about working towards a degree/ career path. And like in January- not much has changed, I’m still clueless. 

I think I want to go into science- but I’m still unsure as to what. Taking physics means I’m probably not going to get into med school- but I’m not sure that that’s what I want to do. I love the idea of researching the universe- but I’m scared I’m going to be stuck in a monotonous office job, or it’s not as I hope. I don’t want to regret doing a degree to start a job that I hate. Part of me is scared I won’t get even close to the grades I need to get anywhere of significance. The existentialist in me doesn’t want to just sit around- but to make a difference to the world ( over- ambitious, I know) . 

I’m scared of so many things going wrong when it comes to careers. I think I’m also scared of actually deciding on what I want to do as it’ll affect the rest of my life.

I think I’m overthinking, I use the phrase ‘i think’ too much because I don’t actually know. And again, that’s scary. 

I’m going to try and research further into degrees and careers- and do more work experience to try and settle for an end goal- or at least to narrow down the list.

I don’t know- thanks for readin’ this drivel to the end


Tips for starting year eleven

Hello, so most teens in the U.K. are going back to school next week. I thought I’d try and give some advice for starting into year 11.

1. Find what works for you

Your teachers may have been talking to you about different learning styles for a while now. By now you should probably have some idea of how you learn best- so use these methods to do the most effective revision. You may prefer mindmaps, flash cards, quiz questions etc. Or maybe different styles for each subject. Personally- I love flash cards so used them for everything, but I preferred to use mindmaps for English. By knowing what works for you, revising can become more effective.

2. Make notes

Make sure that by April or May you’ve got all of your notes written out. Whether it be in notepads, mindmaps or flash cards- have them ready to revise from. Use them too help comprehend information, quiz yourself and get others to quiz you. 

3. Use your mock exams/ mini-tests to your advantage

Mock exams and tests can be a useful way of revision. You can use them to find weaknesses and improve in those areas, as well as for revising for the real thing. At my school- we always went over past papers with a different pen colour and corrected our mistakes- helping you to find patterns of the things you need to improve on-and use this to your advantage.

4. Past papers are you best friend 

Past papers are brilliant. Once you’ve made your notes, do as many past papers as possible. This will help you to apply the knowledge into exam style questions. It may be hard due to the changing spec, but use old papers, and specimen papers, as well as textbook questions to help you learn to master exams. They’ll help you to learn what the examiners want and the way in which you should give it to them- know the markscheme.

5. Don’t over work/ stress

I’m not going to deny that this won’t be, probably, the most stressful year in your life so far- however don’t work yourself far into the night, or do too much, it can become unhealthy if you over work- so learn to find your limit. I know that you can stress so much about exams- but  try to relax sometimes as it’s damaging to your mental and physical health to stress and overwork.

Make sure you enjoy your last year at high school and embrace it. Work hard but don’t overwork. Keep the work- life balance. I hope these are useful for you.


The end of summer

Hello everyone! Long time no see? 

Anyway- today is August 31st- the end of the summer months is upon us. Thoughts of school and college are becoming more forefront in our minds. (Dun dun duunnnnn).

It’s been a somewhat busy 10 or so weeks (I had a longer summer as I’ve just finished year 11) and I’m soon to begin A-levels, which I’m both excited and nervous for. We start back on the 7th of September- so next week which seems to have come so quickly.

I’ve managed to do a lot over the summer break, after prom I did 4 weeks of NCS, and ‘graduated’ last Tuesday, I went to Normandy with Explorers, got a new job at the pub, went shopping with friends and spent time with them. I went to Llandudno, London and have generally had a great time.

Though as I write this, I’m in my pyjamas (it’s half 12), and I feel like I’ve had too many days doing nothing, but at the same time I’m tired so it’s probably okay to relax. Though I REALLY need to start looking at these ‘head start to a-level…’ books that college had given me- I’ve been procrastinating a lot.

This has been a kind of ramble- update sort of post, sorry.

I hope all is well


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