Life is full of decisions-often simple ones such as whether to eat in go out for dinner. However, some decisions I find very hard to make.

I’m currently doing GCSEs, and I have chosen which A-levels I want to do. However,  I’m always uncertain of whether I’ve made the right choice. I’m one of those people that find a vast array of things interesting- and I love to learn-so I find it hard to narrow down my options. It makes me uncertain about the future, as I still am unsure of what I’d like to do. I’m pretty certain I want to go into science, though I also think that I might enjoy a subject like law, or history and politics more.

Currently, I’m going to take maths, chemistry, biology and history at A-level (possibly dropping history at AS level). I think that these subjects will keep my options open, and I enjoy them all, however I always have my doubts…

I worry that I should take physics instead of biology, though I’m better at biology-I’ve always been really fascinated by space, and I fell like I’m letting go of any hope of becoming an astrophysicist (or similar) if I take biology instead. But I’m still not certain that I want to be an astrophysicist- so does it really matter?

I worry that I shouldn’t take maths because it’s my worst subject. I enjoy it, but I also find it very challenging. I know that maths will open up my options to science careers but I also fear that I’ll get a bad grade in it.

I worry that if I drop history I  won’t be able to follow a career in humanities if that’s what I decide to do. I’ve always done well in humanities subjects, and found them less challenging than STEM subjects, I’m scared I’ll regret doing into science as I could probably get better grades more easily with humanities. Yet I think I want to do science.

I might sound a bit mad for taking subjects that I find challenging-but I really enjoy them; Yet I also love humanities. I think that I’ll always be conflicted over my choices, although I think I’ll stick with science though I feel that I’ll always fear regretting my options.

I’m sorry for this stupid waffly post, I think it’s more for me to get my thoughts on paper (or at least the computer). I’m kind of jealous of people that know what they want to do in life-and I often feel like I’m being far too over-ambitious with the job ideas that I do come with. I find that I just want to eat up knowledge about the things I find interesting, like space, ancient history and genetics, it makes me really conflicted over what I want to do with my life-I suppose the future scares me a bit. I suppose that I’ll have to face my silly worries head on and see what happens. 

Anyway, I hope that you’re having a lovely day.