I miss you greatly, going from seeing you everyday to never again is hard. Hearing you say my name, hearing myself say yours-but no more shall I hear your voice, hear your name. But a whisper, someplace far away reminds me of you-the fun we had, the memories we made.

I miss you greatly, you have taught me more than anyone else, you gave me so much that I can’t give back. I wish I could. I wish I could give you the world, the thrill of life. Happiness. Hope.

I miss you greatly, you were selfless, witty, and kind. Brave. Your life, your being is now part of me, part of everyone whose path crossed with yours. What you did. Who you were. What you gave.

I miss you greatly.

I miss your smile. I miss your voice. I miss your wit, your fun, your face, your happiness.

I miss you being here x

This was a bit of an unusual post, like an inner-monologue type thing about a good friend of mine.