I didn’t go to any women’s marches, but I saw a lot of videos and images of them and I thought I’d write a post…

I think it’s brilliant how so many people will come together in unity for such a good cause- women’s rights. It’s important to recognise injustices done to women because of the patriarchy- especially to minority  women.

As I watched videos of marches accross the globe I felt inspired. It have me hope that one day every person will have equal rights and opportunities. The march showed solidarity in leading the way to an equal society. It makes me proud of women, fighting for each other with their heads held high.

I hope that Trump- the President of the USA- will see the march, see how determined women are, how strong women are and how powerful women are. Women won’t be defeated by the man that has shown misogyny and has had allegations of sexual assault to his name. Many are afraid- but I know they’re also brave- we will fight the battle against inequality. We will one day see equality for all genders.

I hope that change does come.


-women’s rights are human rights- 

*feature image isn’t mine