Do you ever experience a time when your mind seems to be racing and you become overwhelmed by it?

Sometimes I seem to think ‘too much’ and I can’t concentrate because my thoughts are going too quickly. It’s strange to say (or shall I say write) it-but I kind of imagine my brain as an old- fashioned film-reel-thing that spins, but it can go at different speeds and can become confusing. If I’m concentrating on work, or a specific thing I can usually focus well- but I also let my mind wander and I don’t  always enjoy it.

It varies- my conscience is volatile. One moment I’ll be deciding which is the best superpower to posses,the next I’ll be wondering whether my friends actually like me, and then randomly get scared at the prospect of exams. I think it’s like a strange self awareness; if I become aware of my thoughts too much I freak out because I’m thinking of thinking and it becomes a little overwhelming (if that makes any sense?) 

It’s strange to say but I feel as if I can become lost in my thoughts- trying to get to the centre of the maze inside my mind. Overthinking about stupid small things, then massive problems like global poverty and climate change, the future, on and on the list goes. 

I don’t know what this ramble mess was-sorry- I hope it makes some sense.