Hidden figures is a new film (out in the U.K. on 17/02/17) and it’s amazing. I went to see it today, and had high hopes as I’d wanted to see it since I heard of it in December- and the film exceeded them.

It’s such an inspirational story of three African-American women that helped to get the first American astronaughts into space. Not only is the story brilliant, the acting and cinematography is fantastic as well.

I love how empowering the film is, especially to WOC. It proves that you can do anything if you pursue it, and carry on despite the obstacles in your way. As a person that has had an interest in space and science from an early age, I really enjoyed the film. 

Overall- I think you should go and watch this film, I love it. It’s a phenomenal portrayal of three heros that beforehand haven’t had the recognition that they deserve. 


*feature image isn’t mine