Hello! This is a kinda advice post for anyone going through exams in the next few months etc. I hope you enjoy!

Stress can be hard to deal with when you’re coming up to exams, trying to revise whilst struggling with other things too. Personally, one of the most important things is having something to de-stress with. This will take your mind off things and allow some relaxation. For me it can be playing guitar/ukulele, or watching YouTube. It could be anything, you could bake or go to a youth group. I’m not saying that you should not revise- however it’s essential that there’s something there to help you relax.

As impossible as it sounds, try it to put too much pressure on yourself (I’m such a hypocrite lol). Though exams are important, you can retake them- and I believe that your health should always come before school. I know from friends that it can really effect your mental health if you’re staying up until the early hours of the morning doing work, or if you’re wrrying yourself sick because of the exams. Remember that it’s okay to take time out and that you’re allowed to focus on your health and mental health if need be- there’s no point making yourself ill.

Furthermore- don’t  compare yourself to others (again I’m a hypocrite). If they get an A and you get a C, yet you’ve progressed from getting Ds all of the time- that’s amazing. You have desperate goals from others and that okay.

Overall, I hope this post was somewhat useful. I think that sometimes people overwork themselves and become ill becomes of that- so I believe you should take a break, try not to pressure yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. You can get through school and exams- I know it.