Recently I was thinking about how easy it is to ignore the struggles going on in the world. Seeing the news each day can be upsetting. Reality is upsetting. So pushing it back to your mind, and dismissing these problems seems like the way out of it. 

Nevertheless, it isn’t. As a white cis girl, living safely in a 1st world country- I have a large degree of privilege and though I’ve seen sexism, it’s not to the extreme extent as in other places. Being in a privileged position, it’s easy to push the world’s issues to the back of our minds, considering that we’re not usually affected by them. 

But this ignorance, it isn’t ‘bliss’. Not for the people that are starving in Somalia. Not for the people at risk of being deported from a country that they see as a home. Not for the people suffering from racism, Islamaphobia and more. Not for the people that are treated unjustly. Ignorance  is not bliss for the people that are struggling all over the globe.

Many people, and I’m guilty of this myself, try to ignore problems in the world. But by doing this, the issues won’t just disappear. We need people from places if privilege to speak out for those who can’t, to help and raise awareness of the problems and tackle them head on. Just by talking about them- addressing the problems helps to raise awareness so that more can be done to help. Without this- nobody would.

So no- ignorance isn’t bliss. It may be to some, but to many ignoring the situation makes it worse. We have to acknowledge what’s going on to be able to stop it. So talk about the problems in society and around the world. Make people know that we stand with them in solidarity. Because ignorance isn’t the solution. It isn’t the solution by far.


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