So, we’re getting quite close ( like 3-4 weeks for me at least) to exams- so here are some revision tips that I use…

1. Stay organised- make sure that you’re prioritising work and keeping on top of things, it will help closer to exams to make sure that you’ve  done everything and are ready. I really like to- do lists, they allow you to set short-term goals, and for you to see your achievement as you complete them.

2. Know what works for you. Personally, I use different methods for different subjects. I love flash cards, and I have notepads too full of revision notes. I think that lots of people like mindmaps- but personally I only like using them for English revision.

(I apologise for my handwriting)

3. PAST PAPERS!!! You will have heard it before, and you’re hearing it again. Past papers help you to find trends in exams, and see exactly what the examiner wants- so do as many as you can as they’ll help when you’re doing the real thing.

4. Take breaks. Give time to yourself as it’s important to maintain self- care, keeping mentally and physically healthy. If you do too much you’ll burn out, so be careful.

5. Try your best and good luck! Remeber what they say, ‘work hard, play hard’

I hope these somewhat help 🙂