Hello! I hope all is well,

Today I did my first GCSE exam (biology 1). Luckily, it was a nicer paper than I expected, which is great, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for the rest of them just yet haha.

Though I’m still very nervous about the rest, I’ve got to the point in which I just want to get them over with-we’ve spent our whole school life focused on these exams- it’s hard to believe they’re actually here.

If you’re currently doing exams- then I wish you all the best. Remember in the exam to stay calm, stay focused, and stay funky (lol). I think the worst thing to do is panic (I’ve done it in many maths mocks) as you can lose concentration and make silly mistakes.

Anyway- I hope all is well, make sure you’re looking after yourself- and good luck!