Hello everyone! 

On Friday a tv show I like (it’s called ‘the last leg’, it’s great) mentioned how on tv they have laws about not being politically biased, whereas newspapers don’t.

This really annoys me- I see a lot of newspapers obviously supporting a political party, shaming another or sharing a single political view (ahem- brexit). I think that newspapers should have to give all political opinions in an non- biased manner. Many people only read one newspaper- so are only informed of one (or multiple, but biased) points of view. This can mean that people make politically misinformed choices.

I don’t see why newspapers don’t have laws about political opinion, I understand that freedom of speech is essential, but it’s important to make sure multiple, non-biased views are heard, which often isn’t the case in newspapers.

Anyway- just my thoughts. I hope all is well and good in your lives.