Thank you to Fred and George from Selcouth Humans, I really appreciate you guys nominating me, it’s very kind and it means a lot. If you haven’t- go and check out their blog, it’s brilliant!

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My 10 facts:

  1. I’m 15, and my birthday is in August
  2. I (badly) play a bit of guitar and ukulele
  3. I have two guinea pigs ( called Copper and Rascal)
  4. I love dogs ( they’re so fluffy and wonderful eeeeee)
  5. I live in England
  6. I’m an Explorer Scout
  7. I have a younger brother who is 13
  8. I LOVE stationary way too much ( it’s probably unhealthy, oops) but there is something so satisfying  about different arrays of pens and colourful flash cards
  9. I watch too much YouTube, my favourite youtubers are probably dodie Clark, Dan & Phil
  10. My favourite colour is blue


I don’t follow as many blogs as I should ( I plan on looking at A LOT more over summer when I have time) so I’m not sure I have 5 to nominate with under 200 followers, but anyway, here are the nominees…

Freckled Face Madison’s blog is so lovely and always puts a smile on my face- I highly recommend.

Heather’s Hollow I love this blog so much! She was nominated by Fred and George but I thought I’d do it too, as it’s so good. Her posts are really interesting.

Hailey Watt Her blog is so creative, and she talks about very interesting and thought-provoking topics.

The Awkward Rice Grain I enjoy reading her blog, it includes creative writing, life lessons and more.

Thanks again for the nomination from Selcouth Humans, it’s lovely of you do nominate more. Also go and check out these blogs- they’re great!