Hello everyone! How are you? The summer holidays are here for me, luckily since I finished my last exam 3 days ago. Anyway, I thought I’d start a series- thing, about my time if I go on a day out to somewhere exciting, like York.

My Aunty, her fiancé, my other Aunty and I all went to York ( in Northern England) overnight from Wednesday to Thursday- It was a great trip.

We visited the Jorvick Viking museum- which had a ride showing robotic Viking people as it gave out information. It was a fascinating experience as we learnt about how the vikings lived and how they came to York.

We also went into York Minster- a massive cathedral- it was beautiful inside and out, covered in ornate decoration. Though climbing 275 spiral steps to the tower was tiring- the breathtaking views were worth it.

Wandering down the ‘shambles’ was also lovely. They’re small, narrow lanes containing cute little shops and Historic buildings to look at. I loved seeing the different buildings and shops as each one was unique. Walking around the walls was great too!

Also I bought a pencil sharpener that is also a tiny trebuchet which is adorable lol. 

Overall I really enjoyed the trip, it was kind of a ‘spur of the moment’ thing, but definitely worth every minute. If you like history, and old cities, I reccomend going.