Hello everyone! So on Friday we had our ‘leavers assembly’ and prom. It feels strange to have finally & officially left a place that I spent so much time at, but I’m also very excited for the future.

Though I’m not really a ‘dressy’ person ( I kinda live in jeans and never wear dresses, ever ) I wore a blue dress to prom- which I enjoyed wearing more than expected. The evening was wonderful (the food was soooo good), we took photos, danced and sung the night away. I loved every minute of it, and spending time with my friends. I really enjoyed the night with my year group, and having a final big party with them all, as well as trying my best not to fall over in heels that I can’t walk in.

My friend had a barbecue the day after which was also great fun, we just chatted and listened to music for hours. It was great seeing my friends again and talking to them about the previous night. There was cake too ( don’t forget the cake). It was lovely- though I’m very tired after the past few days.

I have always loved school, and probably always will- so I’m going to miss it so much. The people, the atmosphere, learning new things and being inspired. I’m genuinely scared of losing touch with so many people I’ve grown close to and love so dearly. I know friendships drift, but it’s hard to think about leaving theirs you love. After primary school I lost touch with nearly everyone other than those I wentto secondary   school with, so I really hope that this doesn’t  happen again.

I consider myself a lover-of-people. I’m quite extroverted (despite being very awkward at times)- and I love all the people I’ve been with over the past 5 years at high school. I know I’ll miss it, but there’s great things to look forward to as well.

I hope all is well wherever ever you are