Hi everyone! I hope all is well, I’ve had quite a busy week, as it was my birthday on Friday, and in the same week  I went to Normandy with Scouts.

We stayed in a tented village, and mainly did lots of outdoor activities, though we went to see the D-day landings and Bayeux tapestry on the Tuesday as well.

On most of the days, we did morning and afternoon activities. This included bushcraft, high ropes, climbing, kayaking, archery, fencing and nightline. I really enjoyed all of the activities, and had a great laugh throughout my time there. Also, I’m scared of heights, but I managed to do the climbing and high ropes despite being a little terrified- which I can say I’m proud of.

In the evenings we often wandered into the little town that we were staying in, we were close to the sea so got great views as the sun set across the water. There was also a big colourful food stand selling crepes, waffles and candy floss the size of your head- a firm favourite of the group.

When we went to the D-day landings, there was a ‘3D cinema’ which told gave information in the event-both fascinating and moving. Visiting a war cemetary and seeing the vast rows of graves was very sobering as well- it shows just how big an impact war has on life- and the death it can cause. The Bayeux tapestry was great. It’s behind a glass case, which you walk around as an audio description tells you what each scene depicts, it wasn’t as wide as expected, but still exciting and interesting to see. I bought a teatowell from the shop there too.

On the Thursday evening, the leaders and my friends surprised me with an early birthday cake and balloons (we were travelling on my birthday so couldn’t do it then). It was such a lovely and thoughtful thing to do, so I really appreciated it. Later my friend bought me a birthday crepe as well, which tasted delicious.

Although the 16 hour coach trip wasn’t always fun (especially when we broke down at a services on the way back, adding another 2 hours to the journey) I had so much fun through the week. Meeting new people, and doing brilliant activities with my friends made it a great trip overall.