Hello everyone! Long time no see? 

Anyway- today is August 31st- the end of the summer months is upon us. Thoughts of school and college are becoming more forefront in our minds. (Dun dun duunnnnn).

It’s been a somewhat busy 10 or so weeks (I had a longer summer as I’ve just finished year 11) and I’m soon to begin A-levels, which I’m both excited and nervous for. We start back on the 7th of September- so next week which seems to have come so quickly.

I’ve managed to do a lot over the summer break, after prom I did 4 weeks of NCS, and ‘graduated’ last Tuesday, I went to Normandy with Explorers, got a new job at the pub, went shopping with friends and spent time with them. I went to Llandudno, London and have generally had a great time.

Though as I write this, I’m in my pyjamas (it’s half 12), and I feel like I’ve had too many days doing nothing, but at the same time I’m tired so it’s probably okay to relax. Though I REALLY need to start looking at these ‘head start to a-level…’ books that college had given me- I’ve been procrastinating a lot.

This has been a kind of ramble- update sort of post, sorry.

I hope all is well