The end (of school) is almost here

So, it’s been a while since I last posted (sorry)…

I have about 6 (ish) weeks left (and 24 exams) until I finish high school (UK). It feels strange to think that I’ll be gone from a place that I’ve spent so much time at. 

Today we had an assembly about leaving, our teachers had sent in comments about our year- it was all very sweet. Also we were given our prom invites. It all bright home how quickly it’s all going.

Though I’m still going to be in education, I won’t be at my current school. It feels like the end of an era- and I know I’ll miss it as I’m a person that has always enjoyed school.

Anyway- I’ve still got to get through exams- there’s time to come


Revision tips & techniques!

So, we’re getting quite close ( like 3-4 weeks for me at least) to exams- so here are some revision tips that I use…

1. Stay organised- make sure that you’re prioritising work and keeping on top of things, it will help closer to exams to make sure that you’ve  done everything and are ready. I really like to- do lists, they allow you to set short-term goals, and for you to see your achievement as you complete them.

2. Know what works for you. Personally, I use different methods for different subjects. I love flash cards, and I have notepads too full of revision notes. I think that lots of people like mindmaps- but personally I only like using them for English revision.

(I apologise for my handwriting)

3. PAST PAPERS!!! You will have heard it before, and you’re hearing it again. Past papers help you to find trends in exams, and see exactly what the examiner wants- so do as many as you can as they’ll help when you’re doing the real thing.

4. Take breaks. Give time to yourself as it’s important to maintain self- care, keeping mentally and physically healthy. If you do too much you’ll burn out, so be careful.

5. Try your best and good luck! Remeber what they say, ‘work hard, play hard’

I hope these somewhat help šŸ™‚


I’m a fraud?

Sometimes I feel like a fraud…

Everyone has different perceptions of one another- how others see us and how we see ourselves. 

At school, quite a lot people consider myself a nice/ happy person. I think it’s flattering and kind of them that they do, but sometimes I feel fraudulent- as if I’ve created a fake version of myself that never has a bad thought or hasn’t done anything wrong. I think bad thoughts and I’ve done bad things; thus being called ‘nice’ seems like I’m lying to people. 

Similarly, I’ve been called ‘clever’- agreed it’s a bit on an ego- boost, but again I can feel like a fraud. I know people more intelligent than myself, I don’t always understand things or get amazing or get instant great grades. As I’ve said in a previous post- clever means a lot of different things and can come in different forms- but to be called ‘clever’ academically feels untrue to myself- though sometimes I think it’s just me putting pressure on myself-If I don’t do as well as I’ve hoped I’ll think that I’m fraudulently- lying about my knowledge.

I’ve recently been revising over the Easter holiday, however I’ve procrastinated a large amount too (procrastination is a talent of mine)- so when I say ‘I’ve spent the day revising’, I really haven’t. I’m procrastinating now with this post ( English lit drains me lol ). Therefore is this not making me a fraud for saying that I’ve revised?

To summarise- I often feel fraudulent as I don’t always seem how I actually am (I have no idea if that makes any sense). Despite also knowing that I’m not fraudulent- at the same time I think I am.  Sorry for a weird and rambley post. 

– Jenn


Sometimes I get obsessed by something, an idea, to show or band etc. It’s like a fleeting love for something.

At the moment, I’ve been endlessly watching Doctor Who clips online as I’m VERY excited for the next episode. I’ve always, always loved the show but over the past week I’ve been obsessing.

Just as I’ve obsessed about redecorating my room in the past, I had this amazing design in my head yet never did it.

It’s a bit of a strange thing, but I suppose I enjoy obsessing about random things from time to time.

Sorry for the random post (and not posting- I’ve been revisiting). If you’re reading this then I hope all is well.


Ignorance is bliss?

Recently I was thinking about how easy it is to ignore the struggles going on in the world. Seeing the news each day can be upsetting. Reality is upsetting. So pushing it back to your mind, and dismissing these problems seems like the way out of it. 

Nevertheless, it isn’t. As a white cis girl, living safely in a 1st world country- I have a large degree of privilege and though I’ve seen sexism, it’s not to the extreme extent as in other places. Being in a privileged position, it’s easy to push the world’s issues to the back of our minds, considering that we’re not usually affected by them. 

But this ignorance, it isn’t ‘bliss’. Not for the people that are starving in Somalia. Not for the people at risk of being deported from a country that they see as a home. Not for the people suffering from racism, Islamaphobia and more. Not for the people that are treated unjustly. Ignorance  is not bliss for the people that are struggling all over the globe.

Many people, and I’m guilty of this myself, try to ignore problems in the world. But by doing this, the issues won’t just disappear. We need people from places if privilege to speak out for those who can’t, to help and raise awareness of the problems and tackle them head on. Just by talking about them- addressing the problems helps to raise awareness so that more can be done to help. Without this- nobody would.

So no- ignorance isn’t bliss. It may be to some, but to many ignoring the situation makes it worse. We have to acknowledge what’s going on to be able to stop it. So talk about the problems in society and around the world. Make people know that we stand with them in solidarity. Because ignorance isn’t the solution. It isn’t the solution by far.


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The fear of time?

This sounds weird- but it scares me how quick the normal passing of time seems to go. I know that as you get older, the years seem shorter etc. But it genuinely just flies by.

Today all of the year 10s had their ‘practise interview day’- it feels like last week  I had mine, yet it was a year ago. Furthermore- September, the beginning  of year 11 was 7 months ago year it feels like yesterday. My exams are getting closer at a somewhat terrifying rate.

I don’t know- it’s strange how quickly events come and go- I’m sure when my exams come they’ll be over with in a blink of an eye anyway. I just worry. A lot


School & stress managementĀ 

Hello! This is a kinda advice post for anyone going through exams in the next few months etc. I hope you enjoy!

Stress can be hard to deal with when you’re coming up to exams, trying to revise whilst struggling with other things too. Personally, one of the most important things is having something to de-stress with. This will take your mind off things and allow some relaxation. For me it can be playing guitar/ukulele, or watching YouTube. It could be anything, you could bake or go to a youth group. I’m not saying that you should not revise- however it’s essential that there’s something there to help you relax.

As impossible as it sounds, try it to put too much pressure on yourself (I’m such a hypocrite lol). Though exams are important, you can retake them- and I believe that your health should always come before school. I know from friends that it can really effect your mental health if you’re staying up until the early hours of the morning doing work, or if you’re wrrying yourself sick because of the exams. Remember that it’s okay to take time out and that you’re allowed to focus on your health and mental health if need be- there’s no point making yourself ill.

Furthermore- don’t  compare yourself to others (again I’m a hypocrite). If they get an A and you get a C, yet you’ve progressed from getting Ds all of the time- that’s amazing. You have desperate goals from others and that okay.

Overall, I hope this post was somewhat useful. I think that sometimes people overwork themselves and become ill becomes of that- so I believe you should take a break, try not to pressure yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. You can get through school and exams- I know it.


Hidden Figures

Hidden figures is a new film (out in the U.K. on 17/02/17) and it’s amazing. I went to see it today, and had high hopes as I’d wanted to see it since I heard of it in December- and the film exceeded them.

It’s such an inspirational story of three African-American women that helped to get the first American astronaughts into space. Not only is the story brilliant, the acting and cinematography is fantastic as well.

I love how empowering the film is, especially to WOC. It proves that you can do anything if you pursue it, and carry on despite the obstacles in your way. As a person that has had an interest in space and science from an early age, I really enjoyed the film. 

Overall- I think you should go and watch this film, I love it. It’s a phenomenal portrayal of three heros that beforehand haven’t had the recognition that they deserve. 


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Do you ever experience a time when your mind seems to be racing and you become overwhelmed by it?

Sometimes I seem to think ‘too much’ and I can’t concentrate because my thoughts are going too quickly. It’s strange to say (or shall I say write) it-but I kind of imagine my brain as an old- fashioned film-reel-thing that spins, but it can go at different speeds and can become confusing. If I’m concentrating on work, or a specific thing I can usually focus well- but I also let my mind wander and I don’t  always enjoy it.

It varies- my conscience is volatile. One moment I’ll be deciding which is the best superpower to posses,the next I’ll be wondering whether my friends actually like me, and then randomly get scared at the prospect of exams. I think it’s like a strange self awareness; if I become aware of my thoughts too much I freak out because I’m thinking of thinking and it becomes a little overwhelming (if that makes any sense?) 

It’s strange to say but I feel as if I can become lost in my thoughts- trying to get to the centre of the maze inside my mind. Overthinking about stupid small things, then massive problems like global poverty and climate change, the future, on and on the list goes. 

I don’t know what this ramble mess was-sorry- I hope it makes some sense.


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